The teensy microcontroller replacing the motherboard with a LCD display.

Adding images from the internal memory to the memory of the teensy.
The patterns can be chosen using the IR remote control.

Remote control can select: single bed/double bed
Teensy script automatically makes the pattern ready for the double bed (KRC button on the KH-940 motherboard.)

External new patterns can be loaded using a laptop with a Processing Sketch.

Position of the slider is indicated by a LED strip (using the A14 DAC pin of the Teensy, the ledstrip is controlled by it’s own ATMega328).

Biggest problem: communicating between microcontrollers and laptop. All communication between microcontrolle and laptop, or microcontroller and LCD display must be very reduced. If any data coming from the needle sensors is lost due to communication the pattern is corrupted.

Current Teensy script:
Current Processing script:
Processing script for coding images from the Brother

To do:
adding as many KH-940 patterns as possible to the memory of the teensy.
making a stand alone version.
eventually adding a SD-card for using new patterns.
3D printing a casing.
For lace, tuck and patent: create a checking script